Many times, some of us must have confronted that when the users try to access the webpage through the Google Chrome browser and unfortunately, it shows NO INTERNET connection. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this error.

Many of us are aware of this error means why this occurring & what are the reasons behind this. But what we do for those who have less knowledge or even do not know about the error. In this article, we let you know about the error and what are necessary steps need to take in order to sort out this issue. Let’s we start our discussion deeply.


DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET is commonly occurring error which you see while browsing the internet through Google Chrome browser. You shall see the following message “THE WEBPAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE” along with this error.

Why does this happen?

This error may be caused by many reasons. But there are not any specific reasons for the occurrence of this error. If you are the one who are facing this error then here we are with few solutions which will assist you in fixing this error. This error is related to the internet. It may be caused owing many reasons:

  • Invalid firewall settings
  • DNS server issues
  • Owing faulty internet connection
  • Corrupt Winsock settings

Solution to Fix the Error

Method 2: If Router has the Internet

If the router has an internet connection then there might be the possibility of software related issue. Just follow the following steps to fix this error.

  • First open the command prompt
  • Just type the following commands in the command prompt & hit enter after each command.

After this try to connect to the internet and you may also know using ping command explained above. If you still unable to resolve this issue then there is a need to follow the method 3.

Solution 3: By Simply Uninstalling Some Programs

If you are facing this issue after installing some programs then you need to restore your windows system files to its previous settings. For this, you need to utilize system restore function. Any program which installed after the restore point will automatically be uninstalled. But your personal documents will be remaining untouched. Here are the steps to use window restore feature:

  • Open the control panel and hit enter button
  • Now in control search bar just type RECOVERY option.
  • Now choose RECOVERY
  • Just click on OPEN SYSTEM RESTORE and follow the instructions.

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How is WhatsApp plus different from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been given to us as a boon. It has made sharing files and getting in touch very easy and also at a very low cost too. With the invention of WhatsApp it brought the distances together and lessen the gap between the friends. Moreover sharing data has really become easy and fun. With more and more updates the app made it quite easy for the uses to take out benefits of it like chatting, sharing photos and images.

The new era of technology has made advances in the field of growth and development and economy of the country too. The WhatsApp Messenger has several many features that makes it exclusive and easy to manage messaging app. not only WhatsApp plus has been high on market but what has raised it WhatsApp plus too. It is also free just like the WhatsApp Messenger.

How is the WhatsApp plus Messenger different from WhatsApp plus?

WhatsApp plus Messenger is a modified version of WhatsApp Messenger that came out in the year 2012. The application is free of cost and can easily run on WiFi and mobile data. The WhatsApp plus Messenger is also known as WhatsApp plus holo. Also the appearance of the WhatsApp plus Messenger is different from WhatsApp as it has a blue icon. The new feature that is added in the new Messenger is the look of WhatsApp Messenger that can be changed by choosing the new themes and styles provided. 700 WhatsApp Messenger themes are free of cost and comes with pre installation.

Also the WhatsApp Messenger plus also comes with addition of new emoticons. Also the other features that gazes the attention is the editing option. You can edit the icon option of any colour you want. One can always customize the user interface system of the WhatsApp Messenger. Like pop-up notification, widgets, conservation screen and many more.

Also the size of the file for sharing has been increased. Unlike WhatsApp Messenger the higher resolution images are transferred in less resolution in WhatsApp plus there was a no such problem and image is transferred to its original size. One can also you can hide contact profile pictures and show phone book pictures in chat screen. One can easily personalize the whole outlook of the new WhatsApp plus Messenger.

Therefore, there are many advantages of WhatsApp plus Messenger over WhatsApp Messenger. The other features in whatsapp plus Messenger is the ability to change the size limit of the transferred files from 2MB to 50 MB. Concerning with the other features WhatsApp plus Messenger has been the upgraded version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp plus have the ability to download themes, fonts, send and share multimedia in their own original size. It also has many emoticons that cannot be found in whatsapp Messenger.

HOwever, if you are planning to install Whatsapp plus on your PC using emulators, make sure you don’t face IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error which a lot of users are facing these days.

So don’t go for just WhatsApp but also for WhatsApp plus Messenger and switch to many other upgraded things that one might easily get to have. It’s not just a messenger but a plus Messenger.

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Boom beach hack – A popular free hack tool to download

Boom beach is one of the popular action strategy games developed by Super Cell. This game is similar to a clash of clans and very awesome to play because of its innovative sound, graphics and battles. The boom beach game play is much similar to the predecessor of clash of clan in terms of storyline.

In this game, the player can take to battle other players and defenses their troops ready to fight to death. During the game play, you are fully equipped with troops and defenses which help you to make a strategic placement of defensive buildings.

The boom beach hack is really awesome to compatible with iOS platforms and works well on the iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch. However, the boom beach is available for free download and does not require any app purchases.

The main theme of the boom beach game is building up attacking and defending forces simultaneously and engages in battle for resources. In this game, you can play against other players and need to keep your headquarters safe to build up a troop. If you are not engaged in battle, you must try to upgrade your base with the use of nine resources available.

If you are new to this strategy game, you just refer the simple and effective tutorial guides for upgrading your headquarters as well as attacking other players. The major characteristics of boom beach are rich is choices of strategy such as a real time attack, pre-battle strategy and timely support which blends to form a unique engaging gaming experience to the players.

Get unlimited gold and diamonds on boom beach hack

Currently, boom beach is the newest game for both Android and iOS from Super cell who is the well known developer of clash of clans. First time, the hack for boom beach game was launched in the US app store and become popular as well as one of top iOS games within a week. Later, they released Android version on the Google App Store and the boom beach, even become more popular because of its unique features. As a player, if you want to play the game then you need to collect some resources to get stronger such as Gold, Stone, Iron and Wood. Here, the gold is used to train your army, whereas other resources like wood, iron and stone are used to build as well as upgrade your buildings. To become popular in this game, this resource is very essential for you.

Steps to download boom beach hack

Now, the latest version of boom beach hack is available on the play store for public download. Even the developers make sure that every feature is working properly, especially a new anti-ban system. There are steps to follow to download boom beach hack,

  • First, click the download button on this page to browse over the hack page online.
  • Now, enter your User ID, password and then click next button.
  • Enter the amount of resources like gold, stone, wood and iron that you want and click generate.
  • Let wait for a few minutes
  • Start your game and enjoy free resources.

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Why get an Otterbox For iPhone 6

Otterbox launched its product for the world’s most brand valued product Apple. Apple has high brand value and it is most widely using smart phone. The custom-made design of otterbox iPhone 6 cases has increased the protection as well as its look.

The new otterbox iPhone 6 cases come with power saver option, it resurgence the battery life and the phone last long, also the phones works better. After the launch of new protection guard which is smart in use and easy to fit, the precision is so accurate that cause no room for the mishap. The sleek design is trendy and stylish attract the young hearts and offbeat, these policies make the otterbox iPhone 6 cases on the high demand and has a good reputation.

The performance of the otterbox iPhone 6 cases is desirable and fit the consumer demand; the ultra thin case guard for touch screen protection allows using phone in any weather condition. The material use gives a more advanced protection and high performance. The brand value of the apple when to add to otterbox has a unique combination that regulates the new generations of smartphone and a new generation of the users.

The company has launched the ultra thin safeguard touch screen protector which has sleek design and precise covering and it is bubble free so that it always remains intact. The new otterbox iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus cases are an advance in design and in functions; it gives the same protection on every adventure.

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 both products are available with the otterbox cases, the company providing these cases with any color combinations desired by the customer. The otterbox iphone 6 plus cases are highly rugged protected with the 3 layer of protection, the fit is accurate that leave no room for banging of the phone inside the case. The flaps are all around the otter box so thus to avoid dust to enter in ports, the button of the case is not that sensitive and reliable, but it can be compromise over the protection it provides.

The otterbox iPhone 6 cases are widely available in series defender series for rugged free cases, commuter series with 2 layer of protection and a self-adhesive screen protector, symmetry series for sleek design, mysymmetry for extra protection and looks, commuter wallet with front facing drawer and multilayer protection, resurgence power case that save battery life and give 2x battery life, Strada series with genuine leather to show off lavish lifestyle, alpha glass screen protection with custom fit and bubble free.

Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6:= The same dust free and drop three layered protection technology with the ultra clear built-in membrane that protect against the scratch and scrapes. A tough design won’t let the phone bruised when to drop from hand. There are options available with the holster or without that can attach to belt, the fit and functions of otterbox. The rugged free design gives an extra plus to the protection of the device.

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Defending Network or Service Integrity against DDoS Attacks

While preventing attackers from initiating a distributed denial of service attack on your network or service is not really feasible, you can at least institute some measures to help defend the integrity of your infrastructure from an attack by an IP stresser. Denial of service attacks are affecting many individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions as well as entire political machineries through a variety of methods. These cyber-based illegal activities compromise the integrity and function of a particular system or network so that its intended users are unable to make full use of the services.

Such is the threat of today’s DDoS platforms in the guise of a booter or a stresser in disrupting normal internet activity. In a world that is highly dependent on internet traffic, any disruptions in the effective flow of data transmission can have disastrous consequences. In simple analogy, modern highways promote an efficient and fast way of moving people from point A to point B. If there is anything that can significantly alter this flow between the two points, backlog will result in point resulting in angry motorists and empty lanes in point B resulting in loss of income generated from the toll fees. In like manner, the cyber equivalent of this analogy can have dire consequences for both the average internet user and the targeted network or service provider.

There are a variety of defense mechanisms websites, networks, and systems can institute in order to provide some layer of protection against a booter attack. While these cannot prevent malicious individuals from mounting the DDoS attack, these can somehow help mitigate the effects of the cyber-attack.

  • Firewalls are effective against simple DoS attacks by denying incoming data traffic from cyber attackers. These are relatively useless against more complex types of attacks, though.
  • Switches work by modifying the critical processes that are often needed by a stresser instruction to initiate changes in the network or system. The abilities of switches that are closely related to defending against DDoS attacks can include rate-limiting, delayed binding, traffic shaping, Bogon filtering, and deep packet inspection.
  • Some routers also have the same capabilities as data switches. However, they are easily overwhelmed by any kind of distributed DoS attack and should never be used as a standalone defense technique against DDoS attacks.
  • Some intelligent hardware is available in the market which can be strategically placed on the front end of an application, network, or system in order to block the malicious code from reaching the servers. These products manage the bandwidth of the network in order to identify potentially dangerous data packets. These are often used in conjunction with data switches and routers.
  • To protect Cloud-based applications, products or programs that can analyze the progress of Key Completion Indicators may be used primarily to analyze the different layers of the application. This is needed to determine whether the sudden surge of data traffic is legitimate or bogus.

There are other ways in which your network or system can be protected against DDoS attacks. You can never prevent people from mounting DDoS attacks in the same way as you cannot prevent a burglar from breaking into your home. However, there are measures you can institute to provide a certain level of security to your property.

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Why Windows 10 is the best among all Windows versions!!

Windows 10, apart from being the next version of Windows operating system is also a whole new generation of Windows software. Microsoft has taken a big leap, and moved to an interface that is quite similar to the Apple’s OS X. Windows 10 is a continually updates service instead of an iteration of a product that comes out every year or so. But what makes it the best among all Windows Versions?


Below are 5 reasons that explain why Windows 10 is, and would remain the best of all Windows versions so far.

1) Absolutely Free to Download

Yup! If you have a device running on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and is compatible to upgrade to Windows 10, you will receive an upgrade notification from Microsoft. However, this offer is only till July 29, 2016. So grab this freebie before it expires.

2) Enhanced Start Menu

Users who have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 would find themselves with one of the most enhanced Start Menu that is more customizable than ever. It has more features as compared to the older version. However, if you still love the classical start menu you can always revert it simply through the settings. Head over to for latest guides on Windows 10 including reverting back to the classical Start Menu.

3) Action Center

This new feature in Windows 10 always gives you updates on various notifications. These can be related to Security threats, on installation completion, updates, etc. But you can still disable the action center notifications if you are annoyed by its alerting sound.

4) Cortana

With this feature, Microsoft actually blended the Google’s voice-activated “OK Google” and Siri’s personality humor within one place. Cortana is one of the most advance Artificially Intelligent Digital Assistant. You can consider it as your personal assistant that will work to figure out your likes and dislikes as per your interests and demands.

As users needed something that was far better than Voice of Siri, Microsoft had worked really hard on this feature to make it efficient for Windows 10 users. To ensure that it’s the best amongst all, Microsoft’s developers also interviewed real human personal assistants for figuring what made them good at their jobs. In this way, the team was able to make Cortana perfect from all perspectives.

5) The Enhanced Media Center

Well, forget the old version of Media Center, as Microsoft has envisioned many new things. We all know that people enjoy televisions, Netflix and many other subscription based media. Well, it all now comes within the Microsoft’s New Media Center. Now, you can enjoy many other things apart from watching the DVD’s.

There are many other features, bounties and much more enticing things within the new Windows 10 Operating system. You can experience it all simply by upgrading to it!

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Is chrome in need of change?

I have been a large supporter of the Chrome visitor to get a lengthy time. Just like a champion since day-one it’s worked on Linux. However, I’ve observed issues are just starting to move a little awry… on Android, on Linux, on Opera OS.

Memory usage gets beyond control. Battery life is negatively influenced (particularly on Chromebooks and Macbooks). CPU strain is apparent. Particular pages (like Facebook) randomly crash. Dns_probe_finished_no_internet issues.


The number continues and on which is an issue. Atleast again to Chrome, I will usually hurry back about the Linux system till Google gets Chrome sorted out. Actually on Android, I am all set and will install Firefox. That, obviously, leaves a major questionmark to my Chromebooks all. I’ve observed, recently, battery life on my Chromebooks is not very as much as snuff. That is all because of, you thought it, Opera.

There’s, however, great information coming. The Chrome group therefore are working in it and is completely conscious of the problems which are just starting to effect the visitor. Actually, a few of the problems have now been solved (history tabs having same concern as forefront tabs, which resulted in crazy memory consumption). But remember, Opera was constructed, in the ground-up, having a single defect because it addresses every plugin and each bill like a separate procedure.

Which was good when sites were not almost as complex or cellular use did not constitute nearly all checking period a couple of years ago—back. Today, using websites like Facebook’s difficulty, Opera must develop in this method that Android, Opera OS, Linux Macintosh…every system…does not endure arrows and the slings of memory consumption that is crazy.

Among the factors the people moved to Opera from Opera was that it had been a slim, stripped down device that clobbered every visitor for effectiveness and speed in the world. It had been, let me make it clear, a breathing of clean, air that is quick.

However now, Opera is prior to the tide moved as Firefox was equally as bogged down.

Not when portable systems really rely on that one browser… this isn’t great. We can not when Opera will consume through these cards and trigger the battery-operated shuffling device to come quickly to a moving end place-all our cards about the Opera desk.

Why Opera did things they they selected I’ve generally understood. It made sense. But there are merely solutions and a lot of sites that opt-out of the conversation pipe which just has got the impact of breaking issues faster than the usual seven-year old child that is awkward. This implies more sites getting more surfers into a stop.

The reality of the problem is straightforward: Every visitor in the world needs to create one extremely important shift—focus on mobile. This maynot probably be any less irrelevant for Opera…a browser that acts like a main target dies and for a whole platform—Chrome OS lifestyles from the Opera Visitor.

What’s promising (specifically for Opera OS customers) is the fact that you are able to choose to make use of a model of Opera that likes repairs and changes faster compared to stable system. Choose the Beta or Dev route in your Chromebook and several of those problems may disappear much earlier than they’d about the Steady route (I no further make use of the Steady route on some of my Chromebooks and also have observed a marked improvement).

Actually about the Android system, you are able to choose to employ both the Dev or Beta edition of Opera to vanquish a few of the problems away.

I’d like to observe Chrome go back to form—back to some thinner, meaner period when Google is visitor split or did not create an event. Luckily, I trust this problem to Google. They understand how much is driving on not permitting their visitor to obtain beyond control.

Anybody utilizing Chrome OS system or the Android knows the significance of Google placing these main problems to sleep. Usually, that wave may change back again to Firefox and a significant strike will be taken by Googleis favorite Opera OS.

Regardless of howmuch all of US wish to refuse it, Google was in considering the net browser might ultimately become key to efficiency right. It’s which is. Today it is as much as the juggernaut to create their visitor back again to a situation that does not have recharge or cellular customers rushing to restart units.

How will you see Google Chrome right now? Is it in need of change, or could it be currently working without fail for you?

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Why Windows 10 could be a game changer

“Imagine All of The Products Residing In Peace”. Okay, to ensure thatis nearly the way the John Lennon tune moves, however it nevertheless underscores anything has been acknowledged by a significant concept of the Windows 10-event in Jan Microsoft that Apple has recognized for a significant very long time… SEVERAL devices are used by that people. As our article mentioned…


It is all attached to the web. Microsoft has offered age with a brand new response -previous issue “how do you get this to simpler for that person?”

The solution is climbing back. Currently, you will find three variations of Windows-8 available with Windows 8.1 for Computeris, Windows RT for pills, and Windows Phone for smartphones. The first objective with Windows 10 of Microsoft would be to have all the aforementioned products while enhancing the integration between your three variations beginning with difference between pill and your Computer operating the exact same kind of functioning system. However, many of the Windows 10 users these days are facing 0xc00007B error.

Microsoft is truly making some progress using its Area pills. Creating increases with Windows-8 though… Less. However, that doesn’t imply that Windows-8 was a complete devastation. Like functions in support of a far more conventional Windows-7 like atmosphere, Microsoft has unearthed that people do like Windows-8, but in many cases are overlooking the ‘Metro’ pill- over 2 yrs of study.

Microsoft hopes to steer the user’s palm having a more smooth transition style between Pills and conventional Computer’s. Microsoft created a significant push-to increase the marketplace of Workplace onto as numerous products as you can, this past year.

Presented the impending launch of Windows 10, it is not no further wise to express this s a prelude for Microsoftis further efforts to create inroads in to the IT department. Customers might like Apple cellular goods as well as hold on to two or a rim, but an essential truth remains concerning the enterprise world, nearly all the world runs on Microsoft and never Apple.

With Windows 10, Microsoft hopes to influence this reality to incorporate every part of the current IT division towards the bag, in the table, towards the wallet. It’s not really a stretch to determine a version of Windows Machine within the foreseeable future that addresses mobile device management.

Although Microsoft’s final objective would be to create Windows 10 the main one end OS for several products, they realize that they’ll need to lure customers into can even make the change. Therefore, to start Microsoft has integrated two functions in Windows 10 they wish will catch fire. The very first is an extension Microsoft’s response to Siri, of Cortana.


If Windows 10 run Cortana will be there. The 2nd main function may be the next version of Ie that’s not IE whatsoever. ‘ Task Spartan’ because it is being named, is Microsoft’s test at spinning tedious, visitor experience, and occasionally its vintage.

The merchandise has been referred to as getting the same objective as Windows 10 although very few specifics have already been launched. That’s to express, Spartan expectations to produce a experience that may quickly convert between new laptop bag, the table, or wallet.

Microsoft is truly betting the plantation with Windows 10. How large of guess? They’re currently providing it away at no cost. No, we do not mean simply Cortana or Spartan… we suggest EVERYTHING! Some watch this being an apology for improvement and that shotty Windows-8 launch, but we view it as another thing.

We observe Windows 10 consume it also and as Microsoft attempting to have its dessert that will be not this type of terrible thing. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s dedication to stay a person within the cellular world with Apple and Google while attempting to influence its historical and, by at this time, unchallenged site as prominent participant within the Computer industry. Its hole has been grown by Microsoft. If it may endure the winds today we will have.

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